about me

Pursuing Wholesome is a whole food plant based Christian mom blog with the goal of educating, motivating, and encouraging others to pursue more wholesome decisions regarding food, faith, and family. 


Hi! Thank you for clicking through to learn more about me. I'm Raychel, I live in Arizona with my husband and two sons. We are a Christian family living a plant based lifestyle. It's a work in progress, but we continue to grow and learn each day.

I am very passionate about the whole food plant based lifestyle. I am also very passionate in my role as a Christian wife and mom. I am a homemaker, and I want to lead my family on a path to wholesome living. Parenting has taught me many things, one of those is that I am not perfect. Neither are my kids and husband. This was hard for me to accept at first, but alas, 'tis the truth. But that's ok, perfection is no longer my goal anyway. Now I value progress - steps in the right direction. I love learning new ways to create healthier habits. But I also love Oreos and binge watching True Crime dramas. I am not a dietician, health expert, or a nutrition specialist, I am not an authority on child development or ideal parenting; but I love God and I love my family, and I am good at Google-ing. 

I am not claiming to be a completely wholesome person. I have not "made it" and am not an authority on "how to be wholesome." This blog was created so I can share the research I do and the continuing journey I am on with my family to making better choices. Such choices include food and nutrition, the way we interact with each other, how and where we spend our money, Church and prayer, whether or not we should sit down and eat an entire pack of Oreos together, and many other very important things. We try to implement small yet impactful changes day by day on our way to becoming healthier, happier, and more wholesome people. 

So if you're here looking to gain a comprehensive guide to being a 100% wholesome person, you are in the wrong place. If you are searching for real life examples of a family pursuing wholesome living, tried and true methods, or even just to know someone else is struggling with the same thing you may be going through (and who knows, maybe we can learn something from one another), then you're in the right place.

I came to love researching food and nutrition and discovering new ways to nourish my family in a more wholesome way, and especially sharing the new information with people I know and love. The more I shared, the more I would be told "you should write a book" or "you should do a seminar at the church on this stuff" or "have you ever thought about blogging all of this?" Honestly, no. Never. I do not want that kind of attention or pressure. Even now, sitting at my desk typing this up, I'm still asking - do I really want to do this? There are so many other women out there who are passionate, knowledgeable and who already have an established name and following. What can I add to this community? How will I stand out? I don’t know. But I am going to do it anyway, transparent and open. I will put myself out there and see what happens, purely because I fully believe that this is the path that God has asked me to go down. 

A lot of what I will be posting will be things that I am just plain curious about. I love to research. You can expect fact based research posts on whatever it is I feel like that day, including: the science of food, the causation of disease, how much of what nutrients we need each day, etc. I will also be posting about my own life lessons and experiences, including topics like: parenting two school aged boys, being a Christian in a secular world, marriage and money management, and how I meal plan. It's all part of the package.

So take a look around. If you like what I'm doing, consider subscribing to my newsletter so you can be notified of new posts. Also, you can follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook.